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Please come directly to us for content as the huge commission on other sites means higher content prices for you. My direct rate is £45 per 500 words.

Amber Networks started out as a passion project due to our director’s love/hate relationship with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) back in the early days of Yahoo.

A lot has changed since then, especially with the rise of Google and Youtube and the way they have dominated online search. Some things are unchanged, however, and that is humans will be humans. We still have an insatiable curiosity to discover the new and the interesting, so it seems that ‘search’ is in our DNA.

With this in mind, each service we offer revolves around one key outcome; increasing relevant visitors to your website through natural search. We have found the best approach to achieve this feat is to produce fantastically engaging content for those visitors to consume.

Combining this with the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques is the final piece of the jigsaw, and where we excel.

Building a loyal customer following is key for any modern business as more visitors means more conversions. Our formula of combining high-quality engaging content with the latest SEO techniques has already been proven to boost traffic.

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Andrew Radford


Previously trained as a technical draftsman, I entered the technology arena back in 1994 as a rather fresh-faced 24-year-old. After a number of vertical leaps in my late twenties and early thirties, I successfully established myself as a highly technical and proficient network engineer in the retail, health, financial, network service sectors.

With a background in design, build and implementation of complicated large scale networks using a variety of different technologies, I have worked with many well-known companies from the very small to the absolutely monstrous.

Being a fully qualified Cisco CCIE engineer (#16499) for well over 10 years now allows me to better understand the challenges our customers are facing, and how best to serve them.

These skills transfer rather nicely to the online world of website build, content creation and the mystery that surrounds SEO. I have been assisting businesses to improve their online presence for over 10 years. I feel my strongest quality is my attention to the tiniest detail, and find this is vital for SEO in particular.

My main focuses are surrounding the ever-changing landscapes of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Creation, Security, MPLS Core Networks, SD-WAN, Cloud Computing, Edge, Fog & Cloud Computing.

I have worked with such companies as BT, NHS, Nortel Networks, London Stock Exchange, Bloomberg, Thompson Financial, Cineworld, Travelodge, Beale & Co Solicitors, and TFM Networks.